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We design and develop mobile applications for business and individuals, which are a key element of their business. We always try to offer our customers solutions optimally tailored to their needs and requirements. A critical area of our work is designing applications which overarching goals boil down to: improving the functioning of the company, quick communication with the customer and strengthening the company's image.

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Mobile applications created by us are designed from scratch. This allows us to fully adapt to customer requirements and industry specifics. If you have an idea for an app, contact us, and together we will create an excellent product!

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Android Applications

Android mobile applications coming out from the hands of our experienced team guarantee full functionality, friendly interface, and intuitive use. This will help you grow your business with ease. We are fully aware of the changing preferences of mobile app users. Therefore, Android programming is just the first step for getting the best solution for your business.

iOS Applications

Working with 7Software to develop iOS apps is a complex process where we build user-friendly, technologically advanced apps with a great interface. We subject our designs to detailed UX/UI studies to find any necessary elements to change. The iOS mobile applications developed by our developers are modern, functional, and fully satisfying and user-friendly.

Cross-platform Applications

We develop consistent mobile applications for Android and iOS. Cross-platform applications are developed using the latest technology, which means reliability and speed.


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Needs analysis

It all starts with a conversation to learn about your needs and the expectations you have for your project


Creating a UX prototype and UI design.

Proramming and testing

Application development by a dedicated team of programmers and graphic designers. Stay in touch with the team via Slack messenger and view workflow with Trello. Before your mobile application goes live, we test it multiple times. We verify that it meets its objectives and that all functionalities work properly. At this stage, you once again make your comments.

Acceptance and publication

If the website has been fully polished and accepted, we can proceed to publish it. At this stage, we collect valuable feedback from you and its users to make necessary improvements. We also provide full support for it, as well as a one-year warranty and the ability to add new features..

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